List of invited speakers and titles of presentations

M. Crespillo

Country: USA

Title:"Light emission mechanisms induced by MeV ion irradiation in strontium titanate"

M. Kuklja

Country: USA

Title:"A role of surface defects on oxides in catalysis and triggering chemical reactions"

H. Schober

Country: France

Title:"Selected contributions of modern neutron scattering to materials science: from energy research to quantum computing."

I. Monnet

Country: France

Title:"Structural modifications in III-N semiconductors under swift heavy ions: contribution of in-situ characterization"

L. Breuer


Title:"GeV SIMS/SNMS studies of nonmetallic materials"

T. Scherer


Title:"Influence of defect structures to dielectric properties in poly- and single crystalline diamond for heating and diagnostics applications in fusion reactors"

G. Okada


Title:"Radiation-induced generation of luminescence centres for dosimetric applications"

S. Ubizskii


Title:"Radiation defect induced processes in complex oxides"

J. Kotakoski


Title:"Atomic-scale manipulation of low-dimensional materials through ion and electron irradiation"

Y. Zhydachevskyy


Title:"TSL and OSL study of complex oxides for radiation dosimetry"