This is inform you that the deadline for submission of the REI-20 proceedings is postponed to December, 20.

The proceedings of REI-2019 will be published as a Virtual Special Issue in Nuclear Instruments and Methods Section B (NIM B). Manuscripts are submitted to EES through the Special Issue portal and go through a peer review process to the same standard as for regular NIMB articles. 


  • The entire submission process occurs via the Elsevier-NIMB website. Authors should select the section “VSI: REI-20” when they reach the “Section” step in the submission process. Note: The special issue site will be open by August 19th.
  • Specific guidelines for preparing an REI 2019 paper are summarized in the “REI-2019-AUTHOR’S GUIDE”. In particular, this document includes a front page to be (mandatorily) added to your manuscript. Latex users should upload a pdf version of the cover page separately.
  • The Guideline for authors of Nuclear Instruments and Methods Section B may be found at the journal website: 
  • The targeted maximum length for papers is 10 printed journal pages. Authors should aim at a paper filling at least three published pages (extended abstracts are not accepted).
  • All manuscripts submitted to the REI 2019 proceedings will be subject to the same high standard peer review as regular submissions to NIMB. It should be full and independent papers.
  • The published work should be original and not published (or under consideration) anywhere else.
  • The manuscript must be approved by all coauthors, all of whom have materially participated in the research and/or article preparation.
  • Only contributions that were effectively presented at the conference by one of the authors can be considered.